Ten On The Tread

Ten mile run on the treadmill….turns out to be an awesome run!!!

I fully expected it to suck, especially when I grabbed my fancy new fully charged iPod and it didn’t work. Crap!!! Oh well, I will just grab my Sansa Clip thing-a-ma-bob…dead!!! F***!!! What the heck was I gonna do??? Then a light when on….I can use my iPad and connect my headphones to it! Great idea, except for it was nearly dead too. Good thing I am married to a gadget guy and we happen to have a 5 foot charger:)! (cord)

Off to pick up Shari! I am 10 minutes late, but with a valid excuse this time;). 10 dreaded miles on the treadmill…here we come!

I found the treadmill with a power outlet behind it so I could plug in my super duper long cord and placed my iPad in perfect view, plugged in my headphones, and this was actually turning out to be a sweet setup. Even if I did look like a weirdo, all the more entertaining!

I finally started my warmup mile…walking. A half mile in and I began a slow run (6.0) to mile one. I continued that pace for another mile or so and settled into my 7.0 (8:34 pace). I, shockingly, held this steady pace until mile 7! I was very pleased with my discipline;). I made a deal with myself, that if I felt good at that point, which I did…then I would attempt to run the next two at 8.0 (7:30) pace. Well, I felt great! So I ran the next two miles, strong, steady and fairly quick:)!

I finished my 10 mile run with an easy 6.0 pace for the last mile. I was truly happy. Isn’t it ironic how sometimes our most dreaded runs turn out to be our best runs??? Yet another metaphor for life ;) !

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  1. Alyssa Rowles says:

    That gives me hope =) My buddy is giving me her treadmill and as I have bragged I really never have to run on one because we run outside year-round here. That being said, I have a baby (+ 3 others), a husband who travels, it does get cold and rainy (I can do one or the other) and I am signing up for more races these days. SO because life happens I’m glad to hear that you can get through long miles on the treadmill and enjoy it!
    My 18 went really well this weekend I hope I am starting to get some of the kinks (running form, nutrition, shoes) worked out. Sorry to throw you off with my 17 but we only got in 15 the week before so we were aiming for 17 but we felt good so we did 18 ;)

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