Saturday 10 Mile “Fun Run”….on the treadmill…by myself….

Oh the drama that title elicits! Lol. I decided today I would run 10 miles, just because. Shari was out skiing, so it was just little ol’ me. I had never ran this far by myself. I think in the past i had always psyched myself out….oh the boredom of a long run all alone. But guess what??? Today was awesome!

I slept in. I didn’t even leave my house until 8:15…..sooo nice:). I stopped and got a Double Shot Starbucks can (I love those). And I bought some sunglasses at the gas station too! Bonus…lol! So random, but I am in desperate need and sometimes gas stations offer a great selection:)…seriously! And I even had exactly $15 on me, yet another random occurrence, since I rarely have cash. What a great morning! It’s the little things people;)!

I drove the extra 10 minutes, ok maybe 7, to the “good gym” with TVs, atmosphere, and treadmills that run like Cadillacs, sooo awesome, I swear they do half the work for you;). This gym is such a treat compared to the lovely conveniently located dreary gym we usually frequent:).

Sweet I got a treadmill up front in the middle with a great view of at least 4 TVs! I never listen to them, but sometimes I read the captions which can help pass time. Infomercial haven! I must admit, I love infomercials!!! So does my husband, maybe that’s what bonded us ;) . This morning is all kinds of cooking devices, mostly convection ovens, but way better in a fraction of the time! Then there’s the super cool blenders that can turn concrete into dust…wow!!! How about that ab belt thing that gives you six pack without one single crunch??? I saw Marie Osmond for Nutrisystem. She looks incredible!!! But why does she wear her hair so big?!? Maybe it makes her look(feel)! I gotta say, I am thoroughly entertained, and this run is going by quickly.

My goal this morning was to complete 8-10 miles in less than 90 minutes. I would allow myself to be ok with 8 if i just wasn’t feeling it, but luckily, I was:). 10 miles in 87 minutes. I tried to keep a steady pace of 8:30, but sometimes I did a few pick ups when a faster song came on. I actually did one 800 at a 6:40 in my 7th mile. I ran the last couple quicker that the first couple. It was a great run!!!

Today’s run brought a huge sense of gratitude. I am grateful that I am able to run a strong 10 miles of the treadmill! I am proud that I was able to motivate myself to go, all by myself:)! It was so nice not to feel rushed by schedules or agendas, the luxury of weekends:). And I am thrilled over my cute, cheap gas station sunglasses! Have a wonderful weekend!

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4 Responses to Saturday 10 Mile “Fun Run”….on the treadmill…by myself….

  1. Brenda price says:

    Is it April 1st? Hmmmmmmm

  2. Liz Laudie says:

    Hey! I just sat down this afternoon & read every post on your entire blog. You are quite entertaining in your writing . . . but even more inspiring. I knew a lot of what you wrote, but I had never heard the story of your first race (10K in Colorado). Anyway, I have been running to maintain the habit through the winter, but reading your blog is making me want to start running with you girls again. I wish Spring would hurry up . . . and it just snowed last night. I want to get training for something . . . or at least start improving my times & increasing my distances again.

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