Running Advice From The Prius

I drive a Prius. It has a screen that tells you your gas mileage…current, best, and average MPH. Lance and I used to have contests to see who could get the best gas mileage. He always won!! He oftentimes got 60-65 Mph!!! I was lucky to get 58! The trick was this….never start out too fast, use cruise control to hold a steady pace, coast when you can, and never slow down too fast(or slam on the breaks!) Drive smooth!

I often think about the Prius when I am out on a run. Be efficient, just like the Prius. Hold a steady pace. Be consistent. But, I get bored….if I run faster, it will be over sooner! “The faster you run, the faster you’re done!” That was the mantra I repeated
the last 5 miles of my first marathon…qualified me for Boston;)! But, as I have progressed as a runner…and have tried to lower my times, running at a steady pace has become my biggest challenge! The best runners try to run negative splits, in plain English, a second half that is faster than the first half.

This takes a ton of discipline!! Especially in races…. There is so much excitement, energy, and competition that it is nearly impossible to hold back at the start! But if you can, there is nothing more rewarding than passing the runner or runners who flew past you at the start!!! They are usually crashing (hard) and you are gloating(inside of course) at what a smart runner you are;). It is better to run smart than fast. Ironically, with me, I have regressed from a smart runner to a fast inconsistent runner! The ego steps in and makes it super difficult to allow others to pass you!

As I train with Shari, who I consider a smart runner…I am trying to take her approach…hold a steady pace, speed up in small increments, and always be consistent. Remember the Prius…if you accelerate too quickly to will not have enough energy, or gas, to finish the race!! Slow and steady……well not too slow;), but steady wins the race!

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  1. Brenda price says:

    This made me think of a couple of Acronyms that sort of apply.

    FEAR = false evidence appearing real (the Prius theory )

    FEAR = fuck everything and run! ( the ego! )

    Sorry for the F-word but it’s true yes?


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