Off Day

Today was a day off from running…45 minutes on the elliptical instead, a welcomed break, but it seems that no matter how much I need a break….those off days are just that “off days”. Kind of like when you need a break from your kids…. an hour into your “break” and they’re all you’re talking about.

Tomorrow is a full day of rest before Saturday’s 10 mile treadmill run…ughhh! I don’t know which is worse, an entire day off or 10 on the tread???? I can imagine what most of you would say, but once you get used to that endorphin boost or whatever the heck it is…you truly become addicted! And having an hour or so with your close friends to vent, connect etc.without kid interruptions or guilt is priceless!

Side note, or guilt trip (my mom taught me well);)… I can’t believe that not one single person commented on my “you can do it” rant???? I certainly hoped it made at least one of you question your beliefs or doubts in yourself….or maybe created a bit of hope:)???

Last but not least…if you have any thoughts, questions, ideas, criticisms (please sugar coat)lol……Please leave them below, I would really appreciate any feedback:). I never ever used to comment on anyone’s blog or forums, even though I was a frequent reader…..except for that one time when I asked on A Biggest Loser board if Bob Harper was/is gay????? Wrong thing to ask…oh my!!! I took a major beating from like 40! Maybe that incident scared me out of posting???

P.S. I don’t care if he was or wasn’t gay…I just wanted to know damn it!!!

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2 Responses to Off Day

  1. Sarah Bennett says:

    Well I wanna know-gay or not? And forums are so goofy b/c people have no idea of your intention. And then take major offense. FUNNY!

    And I think I commented on that post. I think I commented on each one. A lot at least!! Your blog has made my night!!

    I blog too just in case you want to check it out :)

    • Martie Tamashiro says:

      I have actually blog stocked you before, it’s been awhile, but I was quite impressed…I need to catch up with the Bennetts:)!
      I still don’t know if he’s…we may never know for sure;)

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