Hills on Treadmills…OMG

Today I tried something new, something I have avoided, never ever done…ran with an incline on the treadmill!!! Lame, I know, but I knew it was going to hurt…and to be honest I have a repeated vision of me falling off!!! Lol! But not so far fetched considering my lack of coordination. I certainly hope my daughter didn’t inherit my “skills”, especially since we gave her the name Grace:)….so far the poor girl is just like her mom;). Oh well, she’s pretty funny and I actually have some real skills to teach her now;)….

Ok….. now I am going to go off on a total mom tangent (bare with me)….but one of the main reasons I continue to run and what keeps me running whenever I am on the verge of quitting….is Grace! I am Grace’s mom and Grace’s example! I want her to grow up seeing her mom compete and try her hardest and not give up. I want her to be proud of me! But mostly, I want her to grow up with a healthy body image. I
want her to respect her body and appreciate it for all that it can do rather than what
size it is!!! Ok… Off my soap box (for now)…:)

Back to today’s awesome new workout…hill repeats on the treadmill;)…I will simply write what I did for the technical, get-to-the-freakin-point Martie peeps, and for the rest of you I will Ramble On (name that tune???)….

10-15 minute warmup
7-9 2 minute hill repeats at a comfortably hard incline
2-4 minute walk/jog break in between intervals
10-15 minute cool down (easy walk/jog)

For those of you that want a story and some details, here we go:). We, me and Shari, started this morning at 6:20…well that’s when I picked her up. We drove 5 minutes to our Super Exciting gym…picked our treadmills and joined the other 3 people in the no music, no TVs…blah gym;) We walked and I talked ;) for 10 minutes, next thing I know Shari is running at a 7.0 incline and a 7.0 (8:34 pace)…What the heck overachiever??? I though we still had a 5 minute jog to “look forward to”….but her headphones were on and I certainly didn’t want to hold her back, so my lazy butt joined in. OMG!!! No wonder I had been avoiding this!!! My lungs were on fire, I felt like a pack-a-day smoker… And really out of shape!

One down, 6 to go (screw 9)! I was hoping for a 4 minute recovery…nope, ok I guess I will settle for 2….Shari is my friend that pushes me. She works so hard, never flakes, or has excuses….my polar opposite:)! But I have discovered or rather allowed myself to be competitive, something I have always been uncomfortable with….word to the people pleasers;)! Well ,slowly but surely, I am growing a back bone(thanks to running) and up for a little friendly competition! I get my best workouts with Shari…we kind of dare the other to say chicken first;)!

7 hill repeats…a little cool down, and a great quality 4 miles today! Thanks Shari!

Today was a first for me, hills on the treadmill. It was tough, but so worth it…and I overcame my dumb fear! How many of us create these irrational fears and build these huge stories of failure in our minds over something so small??? I have heard from so many people and some of you, how you are not a runner or don’t know how to start, so never do….all because you have created these stories or ideas in your mind of what a runner is or looks like. I have something profound to tell all of you…..YOU ARE ALL RUNNERS!!! Yes I am yelling at you!!! Just start one step at a time, maybe 30 seconds at a time, but just start! You have no idea how strong you are! Don’t spend your entire lives telling yourself what you are not! Instead become what you are!!!

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6 Responses to Hills on Treadmills…OMG

  1. Sarah Bennett says:

    First off-I like that you liked your post. hahahaha. Also-going back to something from another post. So true that running is not discriminate. It’s amazing to run a race & see who else dares to be competing too. You just have to get out there & do it. I think every runner hurts, hates it sometimes, but they endure & look forward to the good running offers!

  2. Shari says:

    I have to admit that Martie is a faster runner than I am, by a LONG SHOT! My goal on any treadmill workout is to not fall too far behind. If I do fall to much behind she has to sit there and wait for me. Embarrassing! So I have a love/hate relationship with the treadmill. I love it becasue it pushes me so much harder (Martie the speed demon!) but hate it because harder sucks! ;)

    • Martie Tamashiro says:

      Oh Shari, I just have to make up my tardiness in my run;) haha! Besides, it is you who pushes me! And I am not that much faster than you..you just took a baby break, but we’re done with those, right?? You’re the best!

  3. Treadmills says:

    That is interesting, the “competition” between three.

    • Martie Tamashiro says:

      Hi George! Nice of you to comment on here:)…but I must admit I am a little confused by your comment. I would love to hear more of your thoughts!

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