Forced Five Miles

Running is rarely easy. No matter how hard or long I train it is always tough, especially the first 3 miles. I totally understand why most people think they can’t run. Trust me the first few miles for me sucks, too. But if you can get past that hump, you will find your stride, and sometimes it does feel easy or rather natural.

Somedays I feel like a runner. Somedays I feel strong. And other days, such as today, I just don’t feel it. Today was a struggle. My body was tired. I have the winter blahs. I hate my gym. This treadmill sucks! I am having a fat day. I hate the guy next to me. The way he pounds on the treadmill is really annoying. And why is that guy in front of me lifting that weight that way?!? I hope he gets injured….just kidding;). Maybe I will get injured and then I won’t have to run anymore!!! There’s an idea…

Ok so I am being a bit extreme with my lovely negativity…but I just really wanted to show you all that running is not easy for me either. I do not bounce out of bed dying to run. Most days I think of at least 5 excuses before finally rolling out of bed. I am not a morning person. Somedays I loathe running. Sometimes I think I might die of boredom on that damn treadmill. And other days my body just hurts. But sometimes, when the stars are aligned…running is amazing!!! And that is why I keep running! Chasing the high…knowing that it can feel awesome and that I am a runner…and you never know when it will be a good running day. Today was not, but tomorrow very well could be my best run yet:)!

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  1. Alyssa Rowles says:

    Amen Sista! My girls and I say this all the time. We show up for 23 miles and feel great! Few days later we just want to do 4 or 5 and it feels crazy hard, WTH?? Running is 80% head game! Thanks for the posts keep them coming =)

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