Delayed 8

Saturday morning long run….missed my alarm or rather screwed up setting it on my new high tech fancy phone (which I strongly dislike). Nonetheless, no alarm rang, but I vowed that I would get a run in later that day. The day got later and busier and later and busier. Procrastination here I am. 6pm, my proposed running time is here and gone…7 is approaching and I am finishing Grace’s ice cream cone… Perfect pre-run carbs, right?! Well I felt justified and now more motivated as I started to realize how many 1000′s of calories I had eaten (OMG)! For some odd and annoying reason I am eating like it is still the holidays and my skinny jeans are pissed at me;)! So out the door I go…driving thru rain, sleet, and snow…lol! (well almost)

I arrived at the gym at 7:15 and made a deal with myself…I would shoot for 8. Besides, another motivator for getting me to the gym was that there were 2 crazy 4 years olds running rampant at my house and Lance had agreed to hang with them. So, essentially, this run was my break;).

I hop on the treadmill and I am feeling pretty great! A few miles in and I am feeling that ice cream and chocolate etc. etc….. I tried a little speed work and suddenly I am feeling the effects of running the indoor track…shin splints!!! WTF??? Those turns really take some getting used to…especially when there are 32 per mile!

So I needed a bit of an adjustment…no speed work tonight. The pounding on the shins, not so fun;). So I decided I would add a little incline and slow my pace. I ended up adding 5-8% incline and slowing pace to a 10:00-8:30 depending on the intensity of the ” hill”. It was nice because then I was also able to listen to a slower (different) paced music. (I get so burnt out on the same music…quickly)

4 miles in, a little bathroom break, and only 4 more to go. This was turning out to be a great run. I even kept my long sleeves on, hoping to detox the buckets of sugar I have consumed. I definitely got a great sweat in and the hill trainng made me feel like I was burning even more calories;)!

I love switching things up! It makes all the difference when you start getting bored or burnt out, especially during these looonnnnggggg winter months. Try running somewhere new, or at a different time, or even wear something different. Anything…to break away from the same-ol-boring-rut we all get stuck in! And most of all….always run when you really don’t feel like it! They are usually your best runs and it’s a real confidence booster to follow thru, especially when it would be so much easier to say “oh eff it!”

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