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Delayed 8

Saturday morning long run….missed my alarm or rather screwed up setting it on my new high tech fancy phone (which I strongly dislike). Nonetheless, no alarm rang, but I vowed that I would get a run in later that day. … Continue reading

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Forced Five Miles

Running is rarely easy. No matter how hard or long I train it is always tough, especially the first 3 miles. I totally understand why most people think they can’t run. Trust me the first few miles for me sucks, … Continue reading

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Saturday 10 Mile “Fun Run”….on the treadmill…by myself….

Oh the drama that title elicits! Lol. I decided today I would run 10 miles, just because. Shari was out skiing, so it was just little ol’ me. I had never ran this far by myself. I think in the … Continue reading

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