Delayed 8

Saturday morning long run….missed my alarm or rather screwed up setting it on my new high tech fancy phone (which I strongly dislike). Nonetheless, no alarm rang, but I vowed that I would get a run in later that day. The day got later and busier and later and busier. Procrastination here I am. 6pm, my proposed running time is here and gone…7 is approaching and I am finishing Grace’s ice cream cone… Perfect pre-run carbs, right?! Well I felt justified and now more motivated as I started to realize how many 1000′s of calories I had eaten (OMG)! For some odd and annoying reason I am eating like it is still the holidays and my skinny jeans are pissed at me;)! So out the door I go…driving thru rain, sleet, and snow…lol! (well almost)

I arrived at the gym at 7:15 and made a deal with myself…I would shoot for 8. Besides, another motivator for getting me to the gym was that there were 2 crazy 4 years olds running rampant at my house and Lance had agreed to hang with them. So, essentially, this run was my break;).

I hop on the treadmill and I am feeling pretty great! A few miles in and I am feeling that ice cream and chocolate etc. etc….. I tried a little speed work and suddenly I am feeling the effects of running the indoor track…shin splints!!! WTF??? Those turns really take some getting used to…especially when there are 32 per mile!

So I needed a bit of an adjustment…no speed work tonight. The pounding on the shins, not so fun;). So I decided I would add a little incline and slow my pace. I ended up adding 5-8% incline and slowing pace to a 10:00-8:30 depending on the intensity of the ” hill”. It was nice because then I was also able to listen to a slower (different) paced music. (I get so burnt out on the same music…quickly)

4 miles in, a little bathroom break, and only 4 more to go. This was turning out to be a great run. I even kept my long sleeves on, hoping to detox the buckets of sugar I have consumed. I definitely got a great sweat in and the hill trainng made me feel like I was burning even more calories;)!

I love switching things up! It makes all the difference when you start getting bored or burnt out, especially during these looonnnnggggg winter months. Try running somewhere new, or at a different time, or even wear something different. Anything…to break away from the same-ol-boring-rut we all get stuck in! And most of all….always run when you really don’t feel like it! They are usually your best runs and it’s a real confidence booster to follow thru, especially when it would be so much easier to say “oh eff it!”

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Forced Five Miles

Running is rarely easy. No matter how hard or long I train it is always tough, especially the first 3 miles. I totally understand why most people think they can’t run. Trust me the first few miles for me sucks, too. But if you can get past that hump, you will find your stride, and sometimes it does feel easy or rather natural.

Somedays I feel like a runner. Somedays I feel strong. And other days, such as today, I just don’t feel it. Today was a struggle. My body was tired. I have the winter blahs. I hate my gym. This treadmill sucks! I am having a fat day. I hate the guy next to me. The way he pounds on the treadmill is really annoying. And why is that guy in front of me lifting that weight that way?!? I hope he gets injured….just kidding;). Maybe I will get injured and then I won’t have to run anymore!!! There’s an idea…

Ok so I am being a bit extreme with my lovely negativity…but I just really wanted to show you all that running is not easy for me either. I do not bounce out of bed dying to run. Most days I think of at least 5 excuses before finally rolling out of bed. I am not a morning person. Somedays I loathe running. Sometimes I think I might die of boredom on that damn treadmill. And other days my body just hurts. But sometimes, when the stars are aligned…running is amazing!!! And that is why I keep running! Chasing the high…knowing that it can feel awesome and that I am a runner…and you never know when it will be a good running day. Today was not, but tomorrow very well could be my best run yet:)!

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Saturday 10 Mile “Fun Run”….on the treadmill…by myself….

Oh the drama that title elicits! Lol. I decided today I would run 10 miles, just because. Shari was out skiing, so it was just little ol’ me. I had never ran this far by myself. I think in the past i had always psyched myself out….oh the boredom of a long run all alone. But guess what??? Today was awesome!

I slept in. I didn’t even leave my house until 8:15…..sooo nice:). I stopped and got a Double Shot Starbucks can (I love those). And I bought some sunglasses at the gas station too! Bonus…lol! So random, but I am in desperate need and sometimes gas stations offer a great selection:)…seriously! And I even had exactly $15 on me, yet another random occurrence, since I rarely have cash. What a great morning! It’s the little things people;)!

I drove the extra 10 minutes, ok maybe 7, to the “good gym” with TVs, atmosphere, and treadmills that run like Cadillacs, sooo awesome, I swear they do half the work for you;). This gym is such a treat compared to the lovely conveniently located dreary gym we usually frequent:).

Sweet I got a treadmill up front in the middle with a great view of at least 4 TVs! I never listen to them, but sometimes I read the captions which can help pass time. Infomercial haven! I must admit, I love infomercials!!! So does my husband, maybe that’s what bonded us ;) . This morning is all kinds of cooking devices, mostly convection ovens, but way better in a fraction of the time! Then there’s the super cool blenders that can turn concrete into dust…wow!!! How about that ab belt thing that gives you six pack without one single crunch??? I saw Marie Osmond for Nutrisystem. She looks incredible!!! But why does she wear her hair so big?!? Maybe it makes her look(feel)! I gotta say, I am thoroughly entertained, and this run is going by quickly.

My goal this morning was to complete 8-10 miles in less than 90 minutes. I would allow myself to be ok with 8 if i just wasn’t feeling it, but luckily, I was:). 10 miles in 87 minutes. I tried to keep a steady pace of 8:30, but sometimes I did a few pick ups when a faster song came on. I actually did one 800 at a 6:40 in my 7th mile. I ran the last couple quicker that the first couple. It was a great run!!!

Today’s run brought a huge sense of gratitude. I am grateful that I am able to run a strong 10 miles of the treadmill! I am proud that I was able to motivate myself to go, all by myself:)! It was so nice not to feel rushed by schedules or agendas, the luxury of weekends:). And I am thrilled over my cute, cheap gas station sunglasses! Have a wonderful weekend!

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I ran so hard…I puked!

First half marathon of the year…St. George, UT Jan. 22, 2011 9am:)! Weather was sunny and gorgeous!!! The 50′s felt like the tropics compared to our freezing gray air up North. The 9am start was blissful! But the lead up to the race…not so blissful or rather graceful.:( More like chaos.

My typical morning pre-race, was not so typical. I stayed at my brother’s in Cedar City with my parents and Grace. Luckily, my dad’s attention to timeliness kept me on task…for once I was grateful for this;). I left Grace with my brother since she was sound asleep…10 minutes after leaving I got the “call”. Grace was sobbing and wondering why I left her. Here comes the mom guilt….deep breath, let it go…she will be fine. Bribe her!!! “Grace, mom will bring you home her super cool medal…you can have this one…..and…I will bring you a treat.” Done deal. Phew!!!

Guilt put aside and 45 minutes late we arrive at the race. I meet up with Shari and her ENTIRE family who is waiting for me in the parking lot with my race bag, #, etc. I hurry and grab my number and pins out of the bag and quickly toss the remains to my parents as they head off to their pre-race breakfast (spectating works up quite the appetite;) )

I scurry off trying not to hold up the Greenwood-Evers Clan. In the meantime, I’ve got 10 things (at least) in my hands and begin dropping things. First and foremost, my new iPod!!!! F@&$!!!! The screen cracked! I want to cry, but take a deep breath and realize the poor little shattered thing still works:)! Go Apple!

Next on my list of mishaps….someone in the clan asks where my timing chip is?!?! Oh Crap!!! Well it is in the car with my parents…somewhere?!? Oh well, I am not trying to PR, I will just run without it (shrug). But…..what if I have some crazy magical run and it is not documented and I don’t get credit for my mad skills?!!!!???? Must get back up chip..,and I did. Now if I could only get that damn thing properly on my shoe…and frozen hands did not help, but Shari’s husband Mark did! Thanks again Mark! This family must think I am a nut job;)!

Only 10 minutes until race time… Speaking of time, I decided not to wear my Garmin. I have to admit it made me a little uneasy to not know EXACTLY what my pace was, but it was also rather freeing to just run according to my body. My biggest goal of this race was to finish strong, which meant going out slower. Run Smart! I wrote that all over my throw away fleece, hoping it would embed:)! And I think it did:).

Started off slow. How slow??? I have no idea…lol. Weaved in and out of strollers and walkers and 5kers trying not to get annoyed. Shari and her brother were in front of me a ways, but I still had them in eye sight, which was good for the time being. My goal was to catch them by mile 5. I caught them around 3, just when I was finally getting my stride. I was actually feeling great, but trying really hard not to get over zealous:). The crowd had thinned out quite a bit, thank goodness! Nothing worse than claustrophobic racing! Jason started to pull ahead. A big part of me wanted to keep up, but I was running smart at my pace;). So I watched him run off hoping I may catch him later in the race…no such luck;).

Shari was running her own race too, so I let her be and went on my way. I was still feeling great and a bit giddy! It felt great to run outside and feel strong. This was my first run outside in 6 weeks. And we ran as minimally as possible, only running an 8 and 10 mile run to prepare, on the treadmill. I truly had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised! I am a runner!!!

10 miles in….I passed 3 hardcore athletic chics!!! Little unathletic me:). I still have a hard time believing that I am a real runner…lol…seriously! I actually carried my own water, which I never do in a race. But it was a great asset! It enabled me to pass runners at the aid stations. I would slow my pace, but never stop. I had no desire to stop when I saw how many people, especially women in my division;), I was able to pass. It was quite the rush!:)

Mile 11-11.5 final aid station followed by a rather steep windy hill. Thank goodness I did not stop because I don’t know how anyone got up that damn thing after a dead stop! My momentum carried me slowly but surely to the top. Then came the steep descent down, not my favorite. But I tried my best to relax and let my legs go. I relaxed just fine, but my tummy was a whole other issue. Downhills wreck my stomach! It’s the equivalent of eating and immediately riding on a hellacious roller coaster. OMG! Less than a mile to go. Three women, surely in my age division, in front of me. One by one I picked them off!:) Not feeling so well…. Suck it up Martie!!! Less than 3 minutes to go…passed a few men (sweet)!

The last .10 I ran as fast as I could…with all that I had left in me. I crossed the finish line, looked to my right and saw my mom and dad:)…immediately turned to my left and….. PUKED! A LOT! Red liquid everywhere and a gasp of disgust echoed from the spectators! But I didn’t care…I just wanted to know my time.

I found my parents…they were a bit concerned, but my mom was still able to get a throw-up-action-shot on her phone…thanks mom! And my dad wanted to know why my puke was that color??? What did I eat??? And, yah, I’m fine. This was a first.

My official time……1:39. Not bad. Not my worst. Not my best. Other than the puke, I felt strong throughout the race. I accomplished my goal of a negative split. I ran smart!!!

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Martie Fart-lek

Growing up with a name like Martie (a boy’s name) was a little rough at times…especially all the lovely things it rhymes with….like fartie;)! So I found it especially amusing when I discovered that speed training was often referred to as fartleks, meaning speed play in Swedish (I am 90% sure of this, please correct me if I am wrong).

Fartleks are actually my favorite runs. They are random, just like me:). You can pick the pace as much as you like for along as you like, very unstructured (again, a similarity to myself).

Here’s how I typically go about it. A mile warmup (always). I try to listen to super
fast paced music with a chorus that is more explosive. I gage my speed to the song.
I love Krytonite by Three Doors Down. The chorus makes me a speed demon. So I run a steady, comfortable pace and then when the song picks up, I sprint and hold it until the song slows again. I repeat this pattern throughout the song, but usually the last 60-30 seconds of a song is especially fast and this is where I try to run all out. The song ends and I usually walk for a minute or long enough to catch my breath;). Next song…repeat. But each song is unique, therefore so is each Fartlek.

It is defined as speed play for a reason. Have fun with it! Make it your own run…customization…no rules just right (lol, hail Outback Steakhouse;))! Enjoy!

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Ten On The Tread

Ten mile run on the treadmill….turns out to be an awesome run!!!

I fully expected it to suck, especially when I grabbed my fancy new fully charged iPod and it didn’t work. Crap!!! Oh well, I will just grab my Sansa Clip thing-a-ma-bob…dead!!! F***!!! What the heck was I gonna do??? Then a light when on….I can use my iPad and connect my headphones to it! Great idea, except for it was nearly dead too. Good thing I am married to a gadget guy and we happen to have a 5 foot charger:)! (cord)

Off to pick up Shari! I am 10 minutes late, but with a valid excuse this time;). 10 dreaded miles on the treadmill…here we come!

I found the treadmill with a power outlet behind it so I could plug in my super duper long cord and placed my iPad in perfect view, plugged in my headphones, and this was actually turning out to be a sweet setup. Even if I did look like a weirdo, all the more entertaining!

I finally started my warmup mile…walking. A half mile in and I began a slow run (6.0) to mile one. I continued that pace for another mile or so and settled into my 7.0 (8:34 pace). I, shockingly, held this steady pace until mile 7! I was very pleased with my discipline;). I made a deal with myself, that if I felt good at that point, which I did…then I would attempt to run the next two at 8.0 (7:30) pace. Well, I felt great! So I ran the next two miles, strong, steady and fairly quick:)!

I finished my 10 mile run with an easy 6.0 pace for the last mile. I was truly happy. Isn’t it ironic how sometimes our most dreaded runs turn out to be our best runs??? Yet another metaphor for life ;) !

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Running Advice From The Prius

I drive a Prius. It has a screen that tells you your gas mileage…current, best, and average MPH. Lance and I used to have contests to see who could get the best gas mileage. He always won!! He oftentimes got 60-65 Mph!!! I was lucky to get 58! The trick was this….never start out too fast, use cruise control to hold a steady pace, coast when you can, and never slow down too fast(or slam on the breaks!) Drive smooth!

I often think about the Prius when I am out on a run. Be efficient, just like the Prius. Hold a steady pace. Be consistent. But, I get bored….if I run faster, it will be over sooner! “The faster you run, the faster you’re done!” That was the mantra I repeated
the last 5 miles of my first marathon…qualified me for Boston;)! But, as I have progressed as a runner…and have tried to lower my times, running at a steady pace has become my biggest challenge! The best runners try to run negative splits, in plain English, a second half that is faster than the first half.

This takes a ton of discipline!! Especially in races…. There is so much excitement, energy, and competition that it is nearly impossible to hold back at the start! But if you can, there is nothing more rewarding than passing the runner or runners who flew past you at the start!!! They are usually crashing (hard) and you are gloating(inside of course) at what a smart runner you are;). It is better to run smart than fast. Ironically, with me, I have regressed from a smart runner to a fast inconsistent runner! The ego steps in and makes it super difficult to allow others to pass you!

As I train with Shari, who I consider a smart runner…I am trying to take her approach…hold a steady pace, speed up in small increments, and always be consistent. Remember the Prius…if you accelerate too quickly to will not have enough energy, or gas, to finish the race!! Slow and steady……well not too slow;), but steady wins the race!

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Off Day

Today was a day off from running…45 minutes on the elliptical instead, a welcomed break, but it seems that no matter how much I need a break….those off days are just that “off days”. Kind of like when you need a break from your kids…. an hour into your “break” and they’re all you’re talking about.

Tomorrow is a full day of rest before Saturday’s 10 mile treadmill run…ughhh! I don’t know which is worse, an entire day off or 10 on the tread???? I can imagine what most of you would say, but once you get used to that endorphin boost or whatever the heck it is…you truly become addicted! And having an hour or so with your close friends to vent, connect etc.without kid interruptions or guilt is priceless!

Side note, or guilt trip (my mom taught me well);)… I can’t believe that not one single person commented on my “you can do it” rant???? I certainly hoped it made at least one of you question your beliefs or doubts in yourself….or maybe created a bit of hope:)???

Last but not least…if you have any thoughts, questions, ideas, criticisms (please sugar coat)lol……Please leave them below, I would really appreciate any feedback:). I never ever used to comment on anyone’s blog or forums, even though I was a frequent reader…..except for that one time when I asked on A Biggest Loser board if Bob Harper was/is gay????? Wrong thing to ask…oh my!!! I took a major beating from like 40! Maybe that incident scared me out of posting???

P.S. I don’t care if he was or wasn’t gay…I just wanted to know damn it!!!

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Hills on Treadmills…OMG

Today I tried something new, something I have avoided, never ever done…ran with an incline on the treadmill!!! Lame, I know, but I knew it was going to hurt…and to be honest I have a repeated vision of me falling off!!! Lol! But not so far fetched considering my lack of coordination. I certainly hope my daughter didn’t inherit my “skills”, especially since we gave her the name Grace:)….so far the poor girl is just like her mom;). Oh well, she’s pretty funny and I actually have some real skills to teach her now;)….

Ok….. now I am going to go off on a total mom tangent (bare with me)….but one of the main reasons I continue to run and what keeps me running whenever I am on the verge of quitting….is Grace! I am Grace’s mom and Grace’s example! I want her to grow up seeing her mom compete and try her hardest and not give up. I want her to be proud of me! But mostly, I want her to grow up with a healthy body image. I
want her to respect her body and appreciate it for all that it can do rather than what
size it is!!! Ok… Off my soap box (for now)…:)

Back to today’s awesome new workout…hill repeats on the treadmill;)…I will simply write what I did for the technical, get-to-the-freakin-point Martie peeps, and for the rest of you I will Ramble On (name that tune???)….

10-15 minute warmup
7-9 2 minute hill repeats at a comfortably hard incline
2-4 minute walk/jog break in between intervals
10-15 minute cool down (easy walk/jog)

For those of you that want a story and some details, here we go:). We, me and Shari, started this morning at 6:20…well that’s when I picked her up. We drove 5 minutes to our Super Exciting gym…picked our treadmills and joined the other 3 people in the no music, no TVs…blah gym;) We walked and I talked ;) for 10 minutes, next thing I know Shari is running at a 7.0 incline and a 7.0 (8:34 pace)…What the heck overachiever??? I though we still had a 5 minute jog to “look forward to”….but her headphones were on and I certainly didn’t want to hold her back, so my lazy butt joined in. OMG!!! No wonder I had been avoiding this!!! My lungs were on fire, I felt like a pack-a-day smoker… And really out of shape!

One down, 6 to go (screw 9)! I was hoping for a 4 minute recovery…nope, ok I guess I will settle for 2….Shari is my friend that pushes me. She works so hard, never flakes, or has excuses….my polar opposite:)! But I have discovered or rather allowed myself to be competitive, something I have always been uncomfortable with….word to the people pleasers;)! Well ,slowly but surely, I am growing a back bone(thanks to running) and up for a little friendly competition! I get my best workouts with Shari…we kind of dare the other to say chicken first;)!

7 hill repeats…a little cool down, and a great quality 4 miles today! Thanks Shari!

Today was a first for me, hills on the treadmill. It was tough, but so worth it…and I overcame my dumb fear! How many of us create these irrational fears and build these huge stories of failure in our minds over something so small??? I have heard from so many people and some of you, how you are not a runner or don’t know how to start, so never do….all because you have created these stories or ideas in your mind of what a runner is or looks like. I have something profound to tell all of you…..YOU ARE ALL RUNNERS!!! Yes I am yelling at you!!! Just start one step at a time, maybe 30 seconds at a time, but just start! You have no idea how strong you are! Don’t spend your entire lives telling yourself what you are not! Instead become what you are!!!

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The Time I Peed My Pants

I thought that might get your attention;)! So I was starting to feel that with my “lack of content, tips, etc” that I wasn’t looking like a real runner….I thought I would share this story with you all so that you can see how truly hard core I am…lol! And it goes a little sumthin’ like this…..(I’ve been listening to Run DMC, remember???)

It was a lovely day in April 2008, however, the day before was not so lovely. Family crap (for another blog) but it caused some stress and tears….and derailed my original plan. Celest and I were supposed go down to Salina (less than 2 hrs away) where my folks live(ha,ha…folks)…the nearby city of Gunnison was hosting a half marathon. Well due to my family crisis…(insert sarcasm) I told Celest not to come and figured I wouldn’t run it either, besides it was windy and I do NOT do wind.

Well, I woke the next morning feeling renewed and tough and it was calm as can be outside. You can do this Martie!! So I had a hot cup of coffee, something I never do before a race, but I cannot resist my mom’s french pressed coffee…de-light-ful:). I was feeling good! My mom drove me to the race, dropped me off at the bus pickup with the other 14 people.. Lol!!! Our mini van pulled up shortly after and we were off to drive to the start of our race….this was going to be entertaining!!!

Fast forward to the start of the race…I listened intently for fear that I would miss the “on your marks get set….” But the man pulled out his rifle, aimed it at the sky…..just kidding!! He had a pistol, this is Utah and people LOVE their guns here!!

I was already in 3rd by a long shot….1st was some crazy racing dude in all black spandex… Sweet! I will certainly place, maybe even be first woman! 2 miles in…I dressed waaayyy too warm! What was I thinking???? To top it off, I pinned my number on the front of my vest…dumb move Martie! So, I had to actually stop to undress…I have never even stopped to use a port- a-potty!!! So I unpinned my number (all 4 ****ing safety pins), unzipped my vest, took off my long sleeved half-zip mock turtleneck, but first had to undo my big fat running watch from my sleeve…. Now that everything was off, I had to reattach my number and put my big fat Garmin back on!!! What a dumb, dumb, dumb waste of a good 2 minutes!!! Let it go, let it go!!

Ok, I am back, and still in 3rd. Phew!!! About 3 miles in and this course sure is hilly…no wonder they didn’t show a map or elevation chart pre-race….so I am doing great…put yesterday’s stress aside, got over my 2 minute wardrobe change…when all of a sudden I have to pee! WTF???

The next mile or so I spent thinking about my options…there are no port-a-pottys until mile 6, I could pop a squat…but again the damn clothing(compression tights)….wait a second…I am wearing compression tights…first of all they are a biotch to take off, like pantyhose or better yet, Spanx!!! They would waste at least one more minute….ugh!!!

Compression tights are also Highly Absorbant!!!! Maybe I could just pee my pants and it or rather I:) will be dry in like 30 seconds!!! And besides, it probably will only be a few drip drops, who cares. No one will see or notice and I don’t think anyone could smell it over their own sweaty, foul smell??? Ok I am gonna do it!! Just do it Martie!!! Stage fright???? Come on let go….and I did. I peed my pants in compression tights while running an 8 minute mile!! I gotta say, I was kind of impressed with myself;)! Way to go Martie , way to pee your pants!!! What is wrong with me?!?!

So that little tinkle…was not so little. And neither was that cup of coffee I drank before the race…OMG!!

I ran another mile or 2 evaluating myself wondering if I was insane or maybe needed to talk to a professional about it….;) After I dried off, I was pretty much over it and just wanted to finish this damn race! I began contemplating if I would tell anyone…I don’t keep a whole lot to myself and it is a pretty good story, even at my expense.
My whole family was waiting at the finish line, mom, dad, brothers and all! To tell or not to tell??? What if I smelled like urine??? So I figured I would just “be honest and forthright and gross.” Guess what I did???? My brothers told me how disgusting I was, my dad pretended not to hear ( I saw your face dad, your pretty little girl just peed her pants on purpose in public!!!), and my mom just kept saying “you peed your pants?”

Yep I peed my pants and all I got was this ugly brass and pink 1st place Women’s trophy! And I was now the fast chic in the neighborhood who “peed her pants on purpose!” R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!! Lol…I am a weirdo! Goodnight!

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